4 Cam rig for 360 Video

This is a 4xGoPro rig for 360 video. It uses 4 hacked GoPros with custom 220 degree FOV lenses. The main features of this rig are:

  • > 4K output
  • All cameras shoot at 4K so final image sharpness is great
  • Huge overlap, thus very flexible stitching
  • Access to all ports (however, shutter button is not accessible so you have to use the control -which you are using anyway if you are shooting VR)
  • Fast assembly
  • Top 1/4” screw that you can use to put an extra accessory

Also, I 3D printed a small accessory that allows to fix the lens with a 3mm screw. Anyone who has used hacked GoPros will find this useful as it is easy to lose focus when removing the lens cap.

4 GoPro Rig for 360 Video
GoPro lens holder for hacked cameras

Assembling this rig is extremely easy:

Here is an example footage of this rig with a quick stitch using MistikaVR:

And here is a screen capture of how the huge overlap of this rig allows very “flexible” seam lines (again, using MistikaVR)

Download the model for this rig in thingiverse.