Chamaleon, the 2 cam rig

This is a two-camera rig for shooting 360 video. I use it with 220 degree lenses, which yields an output resolution (after stitching) of around 3600×1800. At Alterlab we use this rig for light works with little time for post-production where a 3600×1800 resolution is enough. I modeled this rig with the camera operator in mind: you can access all camera ports (HDMI, USB), SD card, buttons, and battery slot. The rig has a cap that secures the cameras, and also works as a holder for an accesory. We use it for a Zoom H2N recorder. The rig requires 2 M3x16 hex bolts and 1/4′ bolt. I use it with a “coupler” in order to attach it to a tripod.